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ProTorque | Performance Racing Torque Converters
ProTorque Converters are unmatched in performance and reliability, setting drag racing records with each pass. Rely on ProTorque for the best Torque Converters for all your racing and performance torque converter needs

Why use the best performance torque converter on the market? Uncompromised performance, reliability, and build are the main focus at ProTorque. We stand by our goals producing the best performance and racing converters in the street, competition and drag racing industry

ProTorque, founded in 1983, is family owned and operated. ProTorque has grown from a small, local torque converter rebuilder, to a full-line manufacturing facility with an R & D division and world-wide marketing and sales capabilities. ProTorque's mission is to produce the most advanced high performance torque converters available.

Take a trip through the ProTorque Facility as we show you photos of building a torque coverter in-house through our design phase and billet lathe cnc department. Furnace brazing, billet blanks and images of torque converter development

ProTorque's collection of streaming video, our top performers using our torque converters on the track and the street. Playing in HD and full screen. Catch the action of our racers being video recorded at various events and racing venues from across the world.

The dedicated and knowledgable staff at ProTorque Performance Converters are available by many forms of contact from sales to general management, ProTorque is here to provide the best sales and support available through e-mail, fax and phone. 1440 Church Street. Bohemia, NY. 11716 (631) 218-8700

Welcome to the ProTorque Performance Torque Converters Main Index directory, this will guide you through the choices for your vehicle and performance / heavy duty and racing applications

Revolution Series Converters
ProTorque's Revolution Series Torque Converter is clearly the new standard in ultra high performance applications, from pro modified to outlaw 10.5, they set records and are igniting the racing world

Bullet Race Converters
ProTorque's Bullet Series Race Converters are the number one choice for many drag racing and class racers, this converter gives you the most in aftermarket Ultimate Performance applications

Pro Drive Converters
This torque converter is designed for the muscle car and street rod crowd with enough stall to launch the car and efficient enough to drive everyday. The Pro Drive Series Torque Converter is built to withstand up to up to 500-850hp on muscle.

Street Muscle Converters
This torque converter is designed for the muscle car and street rod crowd with enough stall to launch the car and efficient enough to drive everyday. It has many of the same design features of our Bullet Race Series torque converters with the ability to drive them on the street. When you want to burn your tires and blow your competition away this is the only converter to have in your car.

Pro Diesel Converters
ProTorque has the ultimate torque converter upgrade for diesels. Factory torque converters typically stall well above the engine's torque peak turning usable power into transmission heat.

Extreme XHD Converters
ProTorque's XHD Series industrial strength torque converters are packed with features that make them ultimate torque converters for towing, snow plowing, buses and fleets.

Torque Converter FAQ's
Unsure about the performance or racing torque converter you need? ProTorque provides you with an extensive frequently asked questions directory (FAQ's) to answer all of your torque converter questions.

ProTorque's Tech Center is devoted to informing and servicing the customers who want to fully understand the need for the proper Torque converter to fit their needs through our detailed cad / cam department, diagnostic tesing, data acquisition, technical analysis and development services.

Cad / Cam - Research, Development and Design
Design, function and performance are what ProTorque builds their reputation on. Quality reasearch teams, dedicated Cad/Cam CNC machining process designers and performance development of all the converters in the product line give us the edge where others falter

Converter Data Acquisition And Testing
Data acquisition is the key to understanding and improving performance in all areas of racing. The same is true in the development and tuning of performance torque converters

Converter Diagnosing Data
You can collect all the data you want, but if you don't know how to interpret it you are just spinning your wheels.

Free Torque Converter Analysis

ProTorque's refined and inclusive free torque converter technical analysis sheet, the most popular way to get a custom racing / performance torque converter built to your specific car or truck specifications

Definitions: Torque Converter Parts
Our mission is to inform our customers to the advantages of using a performance torque converter over factory or OEM units. Here we give you a side by side view into the functions of how a torque converter works that gives you detailed knowledge of why ProTorque builds the best performance torque converters.

Meet Team ProTorque, Some of our best performing racers are featured on this page. All are accomplished drag racers in their respective classes from NHRA Pro Modified to Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street, Drag Radial, NMRA, NMCA and more that hold or have held records and World Championship titles that are unmatched using ProTorque Converters

Welcome to The Women Of Team ProTorque, We feature the women of ProTorque Racing Torque Converters in a photo gallery style of Thanks to each and everyone of these fine women of the Team ProTorque Family

We at ProTorque are proud of our racers and customers performance gains, accomplishments, records and expectations from our Performance / Racing Torque Converters. Here we showcase our customers testimonials and feedback from around the world.

The product line of ProTorque Torque Converters becomes news everyday with our racers breaking records with each pass using our products as we spotlight the most important racing news in our blog. Press releases hitting the internet through various media and publication features will be highlited. Stay Informed In Our New Drag Racing News Section

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Find a ProTorque vendor or dealer in your state or near you through our extensive directory, many outlets for direct purchasing of any ProTorque Torque Converter lines of our products

Terms Of Service
ProTorque provides a complete Terms Of Service as decided by the state of New York, Please read the full agreement.

Privacy Policy
ProTorque wants to insure your privacy held with the utmost confidence when using our website or retaining any business with us, we protect your privacy rights

ProTorque | Performance Torque Converter Warranty
The Best Converter in the Business is Coupled With the Best Warranty in the Business

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