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Team ProTorque | The Racers That Use The Best Torque Converters

Meet Team ProTorque: Some of our best performing racers are featured on this page. All are accomplished drag racers in their respective classes from NHRA Pro Modified to Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street, Drag Radial and more that hold or have held records and World Championship titles that are unmatched using ProTorque Converters.

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Team ProTorque Uses The Revolution Torque Converter THE REVOLUTION SERIES CONVERTER

5.94 @ 234.04MPH
1ST IN THE 5's ON 10.5's
Jason Enos Revolution Torque Converter

Team ProTorque: Pro Modified, Pro Mod, ADRL, NHRA

Jeff Lutz: Pro Modified CamaroJeff Lutz:
Pro Modified Camaro

Jim Bell: Pro Modified MustangJim Bell:
Pro Modified Mustang

Steve Summers-Patrick Barnhill: Pro Modified CamaroSteve Summers-Patrick Barnhill:
Pro Modified Camaro

Kevin Fiscus and Josh Becraft Klugger Pro Modified MustangKevin Fiscus and Josh Becraft Klugger:
Pro Modified Mustang

Biehle Motorsports Pro Modified MustangBiehle Motorsports:
Pro Modified Mustang

Greg Seth Hunter Pro ModGreg Seth Hunter:
Mustang Pro Mod

Eric Dillard: Pro Modified Mustang, 5.830 @ 252.99MPHEric Dillard:
Pro Modified Mustang
5.830 @ 252.99MPH

Melanie Troxel: Pro Modified Corvette, 5.847 @ 252.47MPHMelanie Troxel:
Pro Modified Corvette
5.847 @ 252.47MPH

Troy Coughlin: Jegs Pro Modified CamaroTroy Coughlin:
Jegs Pro Modified Camaro

Brad Brand: Pro Modified Mustang, 5.94 @ 234.04MPHBrad Brand:
Pro Modified Mustang
5.94 @ 234.04MPH

Jose Gonzalez: Pro Modified GTO, 5.93 @ 252.MPHJose Gonzalez:
Pro Modified GTO
5.93 @ 252.MPH

Chip King NHRA Legal Daytona Turbocharged Pro ModChip King:
NHRA Legal Daytona Pro Mod
Precision Turbo twin Pro Mod 88's
6.03 @ 245 mph

Khalid Al Balooshi: Pro Nitrous Automatic 3.838Khalid Al Balooshi:
Pro Nitrous Automatic 3.838

Jim Bersani Twin Turbo Outlaw Pro Mod 57 ChevyJim Bersani:
Pro Modified 57 Chevy Twin Turbo
6.19 @ 241MPH

Steve Drummond Twin Turbo Mustang Pro ModSteve Drummond:
Twin Turbo Mustang Pro Mod
245MPH MIR Track Record

Donnie Walsh Twin Turbo Mustang Pro Mod 6.05Donnie Walsh:
Twin Turbo Mustang Pro Mod
6.05 @ 250.13

Carl Stevens Twin Turbo Camaro Pro Mod Legal NHRA / ADRLCarl Stevens:
Twin Turbo Camaro Pro Mod Legal NHRA / ADRL
Best ET and MPH coming soon

Todd Tutterow ADRL XTF DusterTodd Tutterow:
Twin Turbo Duster ADRL XTF

Dennis Sugrue ADRL XTF Chevy Cobalt Team ProTorqueDennis Sugrue:
ADRL XTF Chevy Cobalt

Mike Stavrinos Pro Mod Camaro Team ProTorqueMike Stavrinos:
Pro Mod Camaro

Team ProTorque: Outlaw 10.5

Tim Lynch: Outlaw 10.5 Corvette, 4.14 @ 197MPHTim Lynch:
Outlaw 10.5 Corvette
4.14 @ 197MPH

Anthony DiSomma: Outlaw 10.5 Camaro, 4.16 @ 200MPHAnthony DiSomma:
Outlaw 10.5 Camaro
4.16 @ 200MPH

Jason Enos: Outlaw 10.5 Mustang, 4.11 1/8thJason Enos:
Outlaw 10.5 Mustang
4.11 1/8th

Larry Wood: Outlaw 10.5 Corvette, 4.14 @ 193MPHLarry Wood:
Outlaw 10.5 Corvette
4.14 @ 193MPH

TJ Kasper: Outlaw 10.5 Mustang, 4.17 @ 193MPHTJ Kasper:
Outlaw 10.5 Mustang
4.17 @ 193MPH

Michael Martin: Outlaw 10.5 NOS Camaro Record Holder, 4.143 @ 175 1/8th | 6.52 1/4 mileMichael Martin:
Outlaw 10.5 NOS Camaro Record Holder
4.143 @ 175 1/8th | 6.52 1/4 mile

Joe Newsham Outlaw 10.5 Camaro, Single TurboJoe Newsham:
Outlaw 10.5 Camaro, Single Turbo
4.22 @ 181 mph

Craig Pio Outlaw 10.5 Twin Turbo CamaroCraig Pio:
Outlaw 10.5 Twin Turbo Camaro
4.14 Cecil County Track Record

Steve Gorman Outlaw 10.5 Twin Turbo MustangSteve Gorman:
Outlaw 10.5 Twin Turbo Mustang
4.19 1/8th

Shawn Zubler Outlaw 10.5 Firebird, Twin Turbo | Bruno-Liberty, ProTorque ConverterShawn Zubler:
Outlaw 10.5 Firebird, Twin Turbo | Bruno-Liberty, ProTorque Converter
4.24 @ 184MPH

David DeMarco Twin Turbo Buick Outlaw 10.5David DeMarco:
Twin Turbo Buick Outlaw 10.5
6.51 1/4

Tommy Kasper Outlaw 10.5 Twin Turbo MustangTommy Kasper:
Outlaw 10.5 Twin Turbo Mustang
4.17 1/8th

Bill Mitchell Outlaw 10.5 Corvette Team ProTorqueBill Mitchell:
Outlaw 10.5 Corvette ProTorque Converter
Tommy Mauro Outlaw 10.5 Camaro Team ProTorqueTommy Mauro:
Outlaw 10.5 Camaro
Joe Copson Outlaw 10.5 Camaro Team ProTorqueJoe Copson:
Outlaw 10.5 Camaro
Mark Ingle Outlaw 10.5 Corvette Team ProTorqueMark Ingle:
Outlaw 10.5 Corvette

Doug Harris Outlaw 10.5 Camaro Team ProTorqueDoug Harris:
Outlaw 10.5 Camaro

Rob Wells Outlaw 10.5 Mustang Team ProTorqueRob Wells:
Outlaw 10.5 Mustang

Mo Hall Outlaw 10.5 Nitrous Camaro Team ProTorqueMo Hall:
Outlaw 10.5 Nitrous Camaro
ET 4.10
MPH 185

Team ProTorque: Heavy Street

Ralph Hardesty Heavy Street Chevy II Team ProTorqueRalph Hardesty:
Heavy Street Chevy II

John Schroeder Heavy Street Camaro Team ProTorqueJohn Schroeder:
Heavy Street Camaro

Team ProTorque: Drag Radial, X275, NMRA SSO

Kevin Fiscus: Drag Radial Mustang, 4.33 @ 185MPHKevin Fiscus:
Drag Radial Mustang
4.33 @ 185MPH

Scott Guadagno: Drag Radial Camaro, 4.36 @ 173MPHScott Guadagno:
Drag Radial Camaro
4.36 @ 173MPH

Willard Kinsler: Drag Radial Mustang, 6.57 @ 239MPHWillard Kinsler:
Drag Radial Mustang
6.57 @ 239MPH

John Carter: Drag Radial Corvette, 4.40 1/8thJohn Carter:
Drag Radial Corvette
4.40 1/8th

John Kolivas: Drag Radial Mustang, 4.39John Kolivas:
Drag Radial Mustang

Rick Fox Outlaw Drag Radial NOS Mustang Record Holder Team ProTorqueRicky Fox:
Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang
NOS-ODR world record holder 4.43 @ 169mph
No mercy No boost champ
First nos car to 6's in the 1/4 6.84

Paul Major Outlaw Drag Radial Corvette, Rear Mount TurbosPaul Major:
Outlaw Drag Radial Corvette, Rear Mount Turbos

Steve Jackson Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang, SuperchargedSteve Jackson:
Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang, Supercharged
4.32 1/8th

Alex Vrettos Drag Radial Mustang, Twin TurboAlex Vrettos:
Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang, Twin Turbo
4.40 @ 180MPH

Bill Dutka, Drag Radial Malibu Twin TurboBill Dutka:
Drag Radial Malibu Twin Turbo
4.62 1/8th

Eric Leferriere SSO MustangEric Leferriere:
SSO Drag Radial Mustang
Jere Etherige SSO Drag Radial MustangJere Etherige:
SSO Drag Radial Mustang
4.36 1/8th

Andrew DeMarco NMRA SSO MustangAndrew DeMarco:
NMRA SSO Mustang
7.08 1/4 mile

Kenjo Kelley NMRA SSO MustangKenjo Kelley:
SSO NMRA Mustang
7.08 @ 208 mph

Frank Soldridge Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang PSI Motorsports Team ProTorqueFrank Soldridge:
Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang

Vince Palazollo X275 Drag Radial Mustang Team ProTorqueVince Palazollo:
X275 Drag Radial Mustang

Henry De los Santos WCHRA X275 Drag Radial Champion Team ProTorqueHenry De los Santos:
WCHRA X275 Drag Radial Champion

Ronnie Diaz Outlaw Drag Radial Team ProTorqueRonnie Diaz:
Outlaw Drag Radial

Mark Koehler LSX Drag Radial Team ProTorqueMark Koehler:
LSX Drag Radial Firebird

Kyle Huetel X275 Drag Radial Camaro Team ProTorqueKyle Huetel:
X275 Drag Radial Camaro

Sal Patel Drag Radial Viper Team ProTorqueSal Patel:
Drag Radial Viper

Mark Woodruff Drag Radial Corvette Team ProTorqueMark Woodruff:
Drag Radial Corvette

Marcus Thompson 275 Drag Radial Mustang Team ProTorqueMarcus Thompson:
X275 Drag Radial Mustang

Mike Lemek Outlaw Drag Radial Camaro Team ProTorqueMike Lemek:
Outlaw Drag Radial Camaro

Team ProTorque: 8.50 Index Drag Racing

Angelo Valla 8.50 Index Drag Racing Corvette Team ProTorqueAngelo Valla:
8.50 Index 72 Corvette

Mike Pyott 8.50 Index Camaro Team ProTorqueMike Pyott:
8.50 Index Camaro

Lee Rocchio 8.50 Index Chevy Nova Team ProTorqueLee Rocchio:
8.50 Index Chevy Nova

Team ProTorque: Other Classes & Champions To Watch NMCA / NMRA / ADRL / Sport Compact

Brian Hicks NMCA Dodge Challenger Team ProTorqueBrian Hicks:
NMCA 10.5 Dodge Challenger

Mario Orsini NMCA Pro Street 57 Chevy Team ProTorqueMario Orsini:
NMCA Pro Street 57 Chevy

Eric Laferriere NMCA Turbo Malibu 10.5 Team ProTorqueEric Laferriere:
NMCA Turbo Malibu 10.5

Jeff Lutz NMCA Pro Street Camaro Team ProTorqueJeff Lutz:
NMCA Pro Street Camaro

Tony Nesbitt NMCA Corvette Team ProTorqueTony Nesbitt:
NMCA Corvette

Bill Houghton NMCA Cuda Team ProTorqueBill Houghton:

Sam Gottier: Heavy Street Chevelle, World Champion 6.91 @ 198MPHSam Gottier:
Heavy Street Chevelle, World Champion
6.91 @ 198MPH

John Urist: NMRA Mustang, 7.02 @ 204MPHJohn Urist:
NMRA Mustang
7.02 @ 204MPH

Bill Lutz: NMCA Camaro Pro Mod, 5.97 @ 245 Bill Lutz:
NMCA Camaro
5.97 @ 245MPH

Mike Murillo: Outlaw 10.5 NMRA Mustang ChampionMike Murillo:
Outlaw 10.5 NMRA Mustang
10X NMRA Champion
4.31 @ 184.8MPH 1/8th
6.49 @ 232.6MPH
First NMCA / NMRA legal car in the 6.40's - 3190lbs

Dave Hance: 57 Chevy ADRL XTF, 6.31 @ 210MPHDave Hance:
57 Chevy ADRL XTF
6.31 @ 210MPH

JEREMY MARTORELLA worlds fastest automatic sport compact toyota celica team protorqueJeremy Martorella:
The worlds fastest Automatic equipped Sport Compact December 2011
Sondra Leslie NMRA Factory Stock MustangSondra Leslie:
NMRA Factory Stock Mustang

Wade Moody Worlds Fastest Diesel Truck Team ProTorqueWade Moody:
Worlds Fastest Diesel Truck
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