Yellow Bullet Nationals 2012 | ProTorque Converters Race Results

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Yellow Bullet Nationals 2012 | ProTorque Converters Race Results

Over the past three years racers have been flocking to Cecil County Dragway for this anticipated outlaw drag race, ProTorque performance racing torque converters has been right there with them. Our drag racing torque converters have given the racers advantages never thought possible before. The amount of dedication the racers give, we give back with proven performance, reliability and a winning product. ProTorque has been a longtime supporter of this series from its inception, the weekend results show the exceptional build quality and value to reign supreme in this highly touted race.

ProTorque Racing Torque Converters Win Big At Yellow Bullet Nationals 2012

By ProTorque Press - 9/2/2012
Photos Courtesy Of Seth Cohen "" & Mark "", Larry Cernilli "ProTorque"

Cecil County Dragway, Rising Sun, Maryland, August 31 - September 2nd, 2012

ProTorque Racing Torque Converters Lining Up At Yellow Bullet Nationals Drag RacingWhatever class you were running in, a ProTorque racing torque converter most likely made you a top competitor. The third annual Yellow Bullet Nationals have become quite the phenomenal success in what one would consider a very short time. The combination of the largest Internet drag racing forum "yellow" and a worldwide member's base, Monty Mikho has the resources to bring this race to the forefront of outlaw drag racing. Members, viewers, and an all-around superior following is a guaranteed success each year.

Thousands of Drag Racing Photos Of 2012 Yellow Bullet Nationals In With ProTorque Racing Coverters Below

Yellow Bullet Nationals Photos On

Yellow Bullet Nationals Photos On

Joe Rivera At ProTorque Racing Torque ConvertersProTorque racing torque converters considers itself to be one of the proud sponsors along with many others to reach out the racers at the track during this three-day event.

Racer support, torque converter diagnostics, and interaction with customers and potential clients were handled throughout the weekend by the staff of ProTorque. Joe Rivera, Larry Cernilli and Jeff Sherman handled all types of troubleshooting, torque converter tuning and related performance pluses and inquiries in sponsor's row.

Team ProTorque Racing Torque Converters In The Pits At Yellow Bullet NationalsCustomers of ProTorque got exactly what they expected, excellence in service, and superior customer support throughout the weekend. The racers of team ProTorque proudly hung the custom-made team banners in their pits, displaying their cars letting everyone know they are using the baddest torque converter you can buy.

This author had a genuine pleasure of being invited by the staff of ProTorque racing torque converters to report back and follows the customers that use the product with photography and words. I of course obliged as a representative of ProTorque. My focus was intended to be just on the customers yet I could not deny myself the horsepower fix I needed, being sucked into this awesome event that is now gracing the pages of the newly released RPM magazine October issue in a related article.

Team ProTorque Racing Torque Converters And Steve Gormans Outlaw 10.5 Mustang Checking DataI had the opportunity to see firsthand the expert knowledge of the staff being fed between them and the racers using advanced data analysis to finely tune their combination. The racers benefited as you can see by the consistent performance, the advantages gained throughout rounds and into the winter circles with what would be one of the most important factors.

The combination of excessive horsepower finely tuned to the rear wheels by ProTorque converters through dynamic fluid coupling was indeed what garnered many of the top spots and wins.

Team ProTorque Racing Torque Converters Overview Of Cecil County DragwayHeat was a factor for a few but teams overcome this adversity through power management and torque converter technology that demands precise engineering. Harnessing the massive horsepower these cars produce is equivalent to walking a tightrope, you need to be dead on when the light turns green. Everyone pretty much knows that the top class at the Yellow Bullet Nationals is outlaw 10.5. Cecil County gave the racers at track worthy of record-setting performances with Jim Halsey at the helm for this class and all the others.

Who Did What, And The Outcome:

Outlaw 10.5 Class Overview:

Shawn Zubler Buries The Throttle Running A ProTorque Converter With A Liberty Stick ShiftProTorque is proud to feature the members of team ProTorque on their new website. Honestly, who wouldn't when you have names like Tim Lynch, Michael Martin, Jason Enos, Steve Gorman, Anthony DiSomma, Joe Newsham, Shawn Zubler, Doug Harris, Billy Mitchell, Tommy Mauro, Craig Pio, Dave DeMarco and Joe Copson filling many of the top spots in a 32+ car field.

A notable side effect of drag racing is of course the dreaded car crash.

Michael Martins Incredible Outlaw 10.5 Crash At Yellow Bullet NationalsTop nitrous contender Michael Martin suffered a devastating almost blow over style crash in his 69 Camaro after a wheelie bar broke during his infamous pipes ablaze wheelies well past the 400 foot mark.

The car sustained substantial damage, Michael Martin was okay, yet could not proceed in rounds.

Photographer Seth Cohen "" captured these fantastic images.

Michael Martins Incredible Outlaw 10.5 Crash At Yellow Bullet NationalsMichael Martins Incredible Outlaw 10.5 Crash At Yellow Bullet NationalsMichael Martins Incredible Outlaw 10.5 Crash At Yellow Bullet Nationals

Michael Martins Incredible Outlaw 10.5 Crash At Yellow Bullet NationalsMichael Martins Incredible Outlaw 10.5 Crash At Yellow Bullet NationalsMichael Martins Incredible Outlaw 10.5 Crash At Yellow Bullet Nationals

Outlaw 10.5 Round One Eliminations:

Craig Pio Launching Hard At YB NatsIn competition round racing team ProTorque shined. Craig Pio would advance with a 4.34 @ 176 over Tommy Johnson with the supercharged Camaro entry. Joe Copson with his brand-new and untested fifth-generation Camaro would shock "Kid Kwik" TJ Kasper taking the win 4.54 @ 170. Anthony DiSomma would face fellow team ProTorque member Billy Mitchell. The punisher Camaro of big Willie was hard to catch.

DiSomma takes to win 4.29 @ 180. Again two team ProTorque members would have to face each other, Tommy Mauro would have this race all to himself as Steve Gorman let loose a little early red lighting his chance at a win away. Mauro advances 4.36 @ 177.
Dave DeMarco Coming At You At Yellow Bullet Nationals In The Bad Black Buick Reaper Joe Newsham In Outlaw 10.5 Running his twin turbo J & E Performance Third Gen Camaro

Dave DeMarco surely had his hands filled with "Chuck Ulsch" in the fire breathing supercharged Camaro out of Gil Mobley motorsports staged next to him.

DeMarco would lose this round in the wicked black Buick Regal. Tim Lynch, who in qualifying tossed a turbocharger impeller through the hood of the sleek ZR1 Corvette returned back to competition with some overnight makeshift turbocharger plumbing work to drop a win light 4.17 @ 187 against Frank Pompillio.

Joe Newsham would take a hole shot win 4.40 over a quicker Doug Harris also a Team ProTorque Member 4.39. As seen on ProTorque's website, Jason Enos stands out quite a bit.

With little to no testing on this rebuilt 67 Shelby Mustang outlaw 10.5 ride, Enos would take his first win of the season 4.31 @ 177 over Brian Penna finishing off the first round.

Jason Enos Made His Debut for the season with a win In his redone Outlaw 10.5 Shelby Mustang At The Yellow Bullet NationalsBill Mitchells Outstand Corvette gets his best time of the seasonSteve Gorman powers out a massive burnout in his outlaw 10.5 Mustang

Outlaw 10.5 Round Two Eliminations:

Joe Copsons Most talked about ride his new Outlaw 10.5 Camaro at the Yellow Bullet Nationals Making A Hard Pass Anthony DiSomma Staging With Firey Pipes In The Punisher Camaro
Joe Copson had his hopes dashed by none other than outlaw 10.5 heavyweight champion for years Joe Newsham; Newsham took the win easily 4.47 @ 170 over a slowing Joe Copson. The "Outlaw" Tim Lynch would put Lou Scortino on the trailer early with a strong "back to normal" 4.158 @ 185. Anthony DiSomma would fire up the crowd as he does on the starting line in the "Punisher Camaro" flames blazing from the turbocharger exhaust outlets, his pass would result with a win column on his time slip and a strong 4.23 @ 181. Jason Enos, Craig Pio and Tommy Mauro would lose their rounds, respectively.

Outlaw 10.5 Round Three Eliminations:

As the ladder continues to tighten, it's almost expected that Team ProTorque members would finally face each other. Tim Lynch and Anthony DiSomma would be the two to feel the pressure. Lynch comes out on top screaming to a 4.16 @ 186 as he may be the only team member to have the chance to advance to the finals since Joe Newsham would lose his round to Chuck Ulsch.

Outlaw 10.5 Semi Finals Eliminations:

The last man standing with the nitrous entry was Charlie Dolbin in Harold Caldwell's awesome late model Mustang, you can't miss this car with its exotic paint and signature fire in the pipes passes. However, Tim Lynch would end Doblin's night as the ZR1 Corvette disappeared into the darkness of the 1/8 mile with a slowing 4.23 @ 166.

Outlaw 10.5 Finals:

Tim Lynch In The Awesome Outlaw 10.5 Corvette Ran Through The Competition At Yellow Bullet Nationals With Team ProTorqueNot mentioned earlier and these results outlaw 10.5 racer "Billy Gordon" had been powering his way through the field of frustrated drivers with his bracket like performances, a true "Thorn In The Side For Most". Gordon barely ever strayed from his low 4 second passes. Consistently running in the 4 teens, Gordon captured low ET 4.15 and top speed 190. The silver stripes over purple 2004 Mustang with 622 inches of turbocharged power seemed like a sure win. But, someone may have forgotten to tell Tim Lynch that he had been out of racing for almost a full year after a turbocharger explosion set the car on fire. The one and only "Lynch Mob" ZR1 Corvette had been completely rebuilt packing Proline Racing Engines power, Precision turbos and ProTorque's standout Revolution Series Torque converter. Both competitors had seen a string of sub 4.20's most of the weekend. After two thorough burnouts both car staged. Gordon killed the tree with an unreal .001 as Tim Lynch followed with a .034. Gordon would lose traction and slow while the "Man In Black" Tim Lynch 4.93 @ 150 begins his season in competition winning the 3rd Annual Yellow Bullet Nationals. The "Lynch Mob" is back for some hangings.


Outlaw Drag Radial Qualifying Overview:

This class has got to be one of the most essential to the latest racing venues. The mention of drag radial in the 1/8th mile exhorts the emotions of many small tire guys looking to be the next star. ProTorque already has theirs and was looking for a few more this year reaching a goal in end ladder qualifying with six of the top ten spots, A look at the MPH of the racers shows how much the coverters put down the power properly on agressive machines like these. At least half the entries in this class are using the ProTorque converter, the DR Champion's choice.

With Stevie "Fast" Jackson holding the number one spot it looked like he may keep his streak going until he pushed out some fluid in qualifying and wrecked the car by hitting the wall at tremendous speed near the finish line. Though Jackson had the number one spot, he would not be back and was OK.

Steve Jackson Just About To The Scene Of His Drag Radial Mustang About To Get Into Trouble On The Wall At Yellow Bullet NationalsSteve Jackson Drag Radial Mustang Crash At Yellow Bullet NationalsSteve Jackson Drag Radial Mustang Crash At Yellow Bullet Nationals

Steve Jackson Drag Radial Mustang Crash At Yellow Bullet NationalsSteve Jackson Drag Radial Mustang Crash At Yellow Bullet NationalsSteve Jackson Drag Radial Mustang Crash At Yellow Bullet Nationals

Second in line with our product was Kevin Fiscus, the Mustang was right on the tail of Jackson 4.43 @ 181. Track Master "Jim Halsey" had this track set perfect for close competition for the "treaded" racers. Fiscus leaned on it and put a stout 4.43 @ 183 to make Team ProTorque's number two go to guy.

Frank Soldridge didn't have to come as far as Fiscus did like all the way from Florida, Soldridge resides In Pennsylvania. The PSI Motorsports Mustang has seen its share of wins on this track. The turbocharged entry by Soldridge pushed into spot three with a 4.45 @ 178.

Ricky Fox An Oustanding Show Of Wicked Power All Weekend At Yellow Bullet Nationals Well known "Jack Of All Classes" Scotty "G" Scott Guadagno powered by nitrous is holding court in 4th place with a 4.49 @ 169.

Flamed ProTorque hero of the Mid-Atlantic states "Ricky Fox" sits in the lucky seven with The "Paul Major" and his unorthodox rear mount twin turbo Corvette fills out the top ten in this class. Notables from Team ProTorque also include Andrew DeMarco, Mike Lemek and Marcus Thompson.

Outlaw Drag Radial Round One Eliminations:

Kevin Fiscus Going Rounds In The Fiscus / Klugger Drag Radial MustangWith all the men in the ring, it still isn't a sure win for anyone out of the ProTorque camp. All Racers have their own combinations but the leaders of this class favor this converter for optimizing their performances in this tricky class who reach speeds comparable to Outlaw 10.5 just shy of being able to qualify in the class also with ET's that match.

Kevin Fiscus would start the rounds with an impressive win putting down some good numbers 4.44 @ 183 "Top MPH of the event" over Steve Willingham. Scott Guadagno would have to settle for a slower than usual ET and mile an hour 4.59 @ 156 short shifting his way past Enzo Pecchini. Team ProTorque teammates Ricky Fox and Paul Major would square off. Fox would take the instant advantage over Major as Pauls Corvette got loose, Fox runs a 4.57 @ 161 off the pedal. Frank Soldridge would flex some Mustang muscle taking his round win handily 4.46 @ 180.

Outlaw Drag Radial Round Two Eliminations:

Scott Guadagno Punching The Nitrous Power Out Of The Scottys Racing Engines Camaro Of Pete BielloKevin Fiscus would stage alongside Ricky Fox in a nitrous versus turbocharger pairing. The black and blue Mustang of Kevin Fiscus would prove to be the more powerful the two taking is win 4.47 @ 181. Frank Soldridge pushed the sleek black Mustang through the traps 4.41 @ 181 past Dave Hinzman.

Scott Guadagno literally crushes the scoreboards for this class dropping the lowest ET of the meet 4.39 @ 170 mastering his nitrous Camaro entry wringing out every ounce of power on this pass.

Outlaw Drag Radial Semi Finals:

Frank Soldridge PSI Motorsports Drag Radial MustangWho had the badder Mustang out of the Team ProTorque camp? The answer would be Frank Soldridge over Kevin Fiscus. Soldridge had this race won from the green putting the tree .069 on Fiscus .137 and finishing off the Florida native with a solid 4.41 @ 180. Scott Guadagno made a good run against his opponent Scott Bitzer. Guadagno would be head off at the finish line in a very close race 4.80 to Bitzers 4.73.

Outlaw Drag Radial Finals:

Heading to the finals, opponent Scott Bitzer had not shown throughout rounds that he had ET or the mile-per-hour to stand up to Soldridge.

Soldridge had been solid all weekend and didn't lose a beat defeating Bitzer with another strong pass of 4.42 @ 179 to the delight of the many outlaw drag radial fans.


Outlaw Big Tire Qualifying Overview:

Ralph Hardesty Bioling The Big Hides In The Cleanest And Meanest Chevy II On The Planet During Late Night Qualifying At Yellow Bullet NationalsPlenty of big tire power to go around in this class this year with Team ProTorque. Everything you want in a class is right here for you, superchargers, turbochargers, nitrous injection, and all around wild street looking cars hammer the pavement with brutal intensity, the Yellow Bullet Nationals didn't fail the fans for sure. For quite a while now many these racer seven running at Raceway Park in the big tire outlaw series. They stay close to home as many are in the tri-state area and upper New York.

Qualifier number two John Schroeder one of the longest running champions of this class has been an icon to many who enjoy big tire racing. Number three man on the ladder John Cerbone weighed in with his colorfully flamed third gen Camaro breathing nitrous oxide.

Talk about the sleekest, straightest, cleanest 67 Chevy II you will ever see on any track you have to talk about Ralph Hardesty, this car is utterly amazing in every sense of the word immaculate. Hardesty stands at number seven on the list the stunning beauty must be seen.

Outlaw Big Tire Eliminations Round One:

With a 16 car field laid out the battle the big tire brutes was on. All team pro-torque members won their respective rounds with Ralph Hardesty 4.63 @ 161, John Schroeder 4.71 @ 148 moving on to round two eliminations.

Outlaw Big Tire Semi Finals:

Standout Heavy Street Racer John Schroeder Makes A Living In This ClassJohn Schroeder is never out of practice on the tree, he's deadly at this proving himself once again that he is one of the most prominent in the class knocking down a .012 4.51 @ 158 against a tire shaking Ralph Hardesty. John Cerbone after wrenching all night to repair his hurt Camaro still had what he needed to make the finals against opponent "Smokin Joe" Schroeder and his blown 69 Camaro. Cerbone kept his foot in it and ran his race murdering the tree with a .002 and final LOW ET of 4.43 @ 165, nice big MPH on this pass just shy 3 MPH of number one qualifier Tom Tarsia's Top MPH.

Outlaw Big Tire Finals:

This big tire final would be somewhat bittersweet. Tommy Romeo made it through the rounds with his wingman on his shoulder "Mike Romeo". With a heavy heart weighing on him, Tommy Romeo and the many friends and family were still reeling over the passing of his brother "Mike Romeo".

Steve Romeo Takes A Solo Missing Man Pass In 8.50 Index Racing In Memory Of His Brother Mike Who Passed Away As Tommy Romeo Would Head To The FinalsNote: Mike Romeo passed away after Battling for two days succumbing to his injuries in a two car collision on August 8th 2012. The members and community of Yellow Bullet and many more sources banded together as Mike Romeo was a friend and almost family to anyone he met. The weekend held many benefits for this young man who was taken much to early from us. Each pass made by a racer on this weekend had Mike in his thoughts. The community at the track held raffles, sold different items and gave donations to his foundation for care of his wife and three children. The charity is still going on today and will continue as long as we live for this great passionate racer and friend to all, "Mike Romeo was one of the finest competitors of many series in the tri state area in both the 8.50 and 10.0 Index class". To all who came in support and gave without hesitation, you are the finest !!

John Cerbone Takes A Major Win In Heavy Street With His Beautiful Third Gen Camaro On NitrousGoing this many rounds against such tough competetion, Tommy Romeo had his eye's on a win for sure, only John Cerbone would stand in his way. The late "Mike Romeo" would never have wanted less than a brutal horespower battle to come to the front as it did.

The nitroused Chevy Nova fell short on the tree as Tommy Romeo could only muster a .165 light watching John Cerbone get the leave on him .054 with a mighty "Wheels Up Launch" the hurt motor still had enough power in it while smoking during staging to produce a winning 4.51 @ 159.


8.50 Index Highlights:

Angelo Valla Waded Through an Enormous Amount Of 8.50 Index Racers For The Title In His 72 CorvetteYes ProTorque has managed to produce a consistent torque converter for many styles of racing including the "upper echelon heads up class" the 8.50 Index.

This class embodies the spirit of the initial 10.5 cars, street appearing, wheelstanding all heads up racing. The expansive class brings forth the most eclectic blend of cars into one class, 56 cars made an attempt at qualifing.

Team ProTorque member Angelo Valla, a racer that has put extensive years into this class took the final round with his classic 72 Corvtte, wheels in the air powering out the number he needed to be the 8.50 Index champion of the Yellow Bullet Nationals running .023 8.53 @ 161.

Brian Ferrari Putting down the ProTorque Power At Yellow Bullet NationalsMike Pyott Dangling the tires on a ProTorque Induced Launch At Yellow Bullet NationalsYellow Bullet Nationals Had Awesome Hook As Scott Derenzo Shows His Chevelles Muscle


Final Notes:

This author would like to first thank Monty Mikho and is lovely wife Maria Szkudlarek Mikho for having me at their event, Joe at ProTorque and his team of torque converter specialists. Jim Halsey and Cecil County Dragway for the best seat in the house and their excellent staff. Seth Cohen from GoneDragRacing for his ultimate tips to improve my photos and the rest of the dedicated photographers, you know who you are guys, it was an honor again. Pete Biello, Scotty G and his crew for the insanley great dinners and my good friends at MB Racing Egines, Marty Sr. Marty Jr. and Teresa Brown for all the great help and attention. Tim Lynch, Kelly Martin Lynch, Team Gil Mobley Motorsports, Punisher Racing "Anthony DiSomma", Shawn Zubler and Fonse Performance. I firmly believe that this race has its place now and will ever increase as time allows. The heart of the race is in the Bullet, It certainly hit the bone this year.


Classes Included:
Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Drag Radial, X275 Drag Radial, 8.50 Index, Ultra 275, Outlaw Big Tire, Top Sportsman, Pro Dial, 10.00 Index & 11.50 Index, Super Street & Pro Street and don't forget the Golf Cart Race

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