Customer Testimonials and Feedback

ProTorque Customer Testimonials and Feedback

We at ProTorque are proud of our racers and customers performance gains, accomplishments, records and expectations from our performance/racing torque converters. Here we showcase our customers testimonials and feedback from around the world.

The best in the business!!! After 5,000 plus hard miles, I figured it was time to send it all in for a check up, all came back without an issue. Carl Rossler (Rossler Trans) did some updates and said it would of been fine for another 5k, Joe Rivera (Pro Torque) said it looked like new still, and Rick Johnson (Gear Vendors) did a few updates as well but said it was all still in great shape. Just a few things these parts have been through… Drove and raced the Rocky Mountains, won Drag Week, been all over Detroit, and the hardest on these parts was when we won Roadkill nights on Woodward, the car ran 5- 1/8 mile mile passes in 30 minutes and 3 of the passes happened without ever turning the car off, that was the truest test of a street car that I have ever seen.

Tom Bailey

Tom BaileyHot Rod Drag Week multi-time champion

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, Street Outlaws

“Best in the biz right here! #ProTorque triple disk 4L80 converter headed out the door for another 1000hp Oklahoma street truck!”




Steve Petty, Pro Line Racing

“Here at Pro Line Racing, we are continuously searching for products that help our customers to be faster and more consistent. When Joe from ProTorque spoke to us about their converters, we knew he was on to something.

After a few test hits, we realized that we’d been looking for a converter like that for years!

The ProTorque crew always works hard to deliver the correct convertor for your specific combination. It has been a great pleasure working together with them as we continue to push the limits of Drag Racing!

Instantly after bolting on the ProTorque, our cars spooled faster and consistently picked up .03-.05 on the backhalf!”


“I’ve been a championship winning tuner for many years, and few products have been defined as game changing. The ProTorque Revolution Series torque converters are truly game changing. ProTorque Revolution series converters give me the ability to put massive power to the ground, and set milestones.

The custom options provided by ProTorque allow my customers to get the perfect fit every time.

Hands down the best customer service in the industry and the continuous innovation keep ProTorque revolutionary, not evolutionary. Whether it’s housed in an OE automatic or a converter drive, ProTorque Revolution Series converters set milestones.”

Leo G. Barnaby III 1967-2008 Neverlift Racecraft Corvette

“Quality, service, performance… simply the best…”

Outlaw 10.5 Turbo Corvette 6.84 @ 211 mph

Leo Barnaby Tribute Video Here

Leo Barnaby of Neverlift Racecraft (USA)



Thomas Kempf Outlaw 10.5 Camaro

Hi Joe,

I just want to say THANK YOU to you and the team at Protorque for a great ending to my 2013 Race Season. You really played an integral role in all the great things we accomplished this year. It means the world to me to have you stick with me the way you have done. Truly, it was an honor getting through so good and tough times with a team like this. Here is to 2013 and an even better 2014!

Thanks again!!

Thomas Kempf
TB America
General Manager, Design and Engineering

Howard Prins “Punisher Racing” Camaro

“We at Punisher Racing take tremendous pride in our vehicles and accomplishments, so naturally when Joe came to us with a new product he was working on, we were a little wary.

After the very first test with the new convertor, we knew we were on to something really great. On next pass, after a few slight modifications to the tune up, WE HAD A NEW PERSONAL BEST.

We picked up almost a tenth in the eighth mile. This was what we were looking for to place us in the front of the pack. Since then, the ProTorque Revolution Series convertor has helped us STAY AT THE FRONT OF THE PACK.”

Howard Prins, Punisher Racing (USA)

Jason Enos “Outlaw 10.5 Mustang”

“We switched to a ProTorque convertor a little over a year ago and never looked back. On our first pass with the car we picked up almost 12mph in the 1/8th that was pretty ridiculous.

Not only has the converter proven itself, it has also reduced our maintenance.

With the old setup we had to change the fluid after every test day because it was getting burned up but with this convertor the fluid stays stable thanks for a great product and all the support you guys have given us we are currently the fastest 10.5 car in the world with a 4.11 @ 191 mph”

Jason Enos (USA)

Late Model Racecraft Outlaw Drag Radial

“Just wanted to thank Carl at Rossler Transmissions and Joe at ProTorque for the help during the off season with our new drivetrain. As many of you know we had some issues with our old setup last season.

Well, we have only taken this setup out twice now with our new transmission and torque converter and have already picked up over a tenth in the 1/8 mile 4.66 and 4.77. We are looking forward to fine tuning this bad boy to go even quicker and air her out 1/4 mile!!! Thanks again guys!”

Steven Fereday (USA)
Late Model Racecraft

Paul Major Drag Radial Corvette

“Some companies understand what it takes for us racers to test, some not so much.

ProTorque is the complete package. Hard working and eager to help with the program no matter what it takes, and extremely appreciative of what we put into testing. You have really helped us get the most out of our effort. I can’t thank you enough for the tons of time reviewing data with us ….Proud to have ProTorque as a part of our team.”

Paul Major (USA)


Alex Vrettos Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang

“We started working with Joe a couple years back, and have witnessed the drive and determination to build the baddest product out there.

ProTorque converters has helped us become one of the most feared outlaw drag radial teams out there along with winning some of the biggest events of the 2011 season. An excellent product with excellent customer service, thanks for everything. We are proud to have ProTorque Converters involved in our Racing Program.”

Alex Vrettos (USA)

AJ Tatas Mustang

“Well, it took a while for Joe from ProTorque and us to get on the same page with the new “Revolution Series” convertor, but holy crap, this guy knows his shit!

Strapped the car down today and on 24psi it made more than my old 28 psi setup! So to see what we had as far as wheel speed and convertor slip vs. the old convertor we put the 28psi tune in and, 1103 RWHP & 896 RWTQ!! That is 117 RWHP & 137 RWTQ More on C-16 Fuel!”

AJ Tata (USA)



Hi Joe!

Thanks for you fast support!

The car was under development for 6 years and it seems that everything is going to work together this spring

Thanks for helping us go faster.


Johnny Wilson APSA Mod Street Blown Champion

“We won the championship in APSA mod street blown which is a basic street car style class…

Thanks for your help and the killer converter; look forward to working with you in the new year.”

Johnny Wilson (Australia)



Abdullah Khajah 10.5 Mustang

“…converter was great and was easy to tune, and from first time out went 4.25 @ 180.

Thanks ProTorque.”

Abdullah Khajah (KUWAIT)




Robert Scioscia Sr Heavy Street Hemi Cuda

“Very satisfied. Used many other “so called” converter experts where I was told by all of them the chassis was messed up.

So back to my car builder (the late great Leo Barnaby) who then pointed me in your direction and I’ve never looked back.

Thanks for a great product.”

Robert Scioscia Sr (USA)


Mitch Zaretsky

“ProTorque has been a huge asset to my racing program, and getting my car to run faster every time we go out racing with their help and support.”

Mitch Zaretsky (USA)




Scott Derenzo 8.50 Index Chevelle

“I have been a ProTorque customer for about ten years and can’t say enough about Joe and his team.

Joe has always made time for his customers and is always at the big races for support.

If you know Joe you know one of his lines WHERES THE DATA – WHERES THE DATA.

Joe thanks for the help.”

Scott Derenzo (USA)

Dom Luppino Twin Turbo Mustang Australia

“My current stats are 6.93 @ 213 which places me at number 1 spot in Australia.

I’ve tried many converters but my ProTorque converter has taken me straight to the top …

Thanks ProTorque.




John Westmoreland Twin Turbo Mustang

“We got one of ProTorque’s converters through John Kolivis.

First race with your converter we went consistent 4.50’s with a best of a 4.56 @ 163.

The best part is that I went a 4.58 off the trailer using our previous 4.80 tuneup. Had our best 60ft and 330 number ever.”

John Westmoreland (USA)